Exhibit at the expo

If you want to effectively expose your brand to thousands of people at a single time, becoming an exhibitor at our Lifestyle and Health Expo is one of the best decisions you can make. Our show offer the ultimate marketing platform for companies ,whether you want to connect with thousands of qualified buyers, generate massive brand exposure, or thoroughly communicate your product’s value.

Benefits of Being an Exhibitor

We’re able to customize packages determined by the amount of space and presence you wish to secure at each event and will work closely with you on every detail to ensure efficient program execution and maximum ROI.

  • Generate leads and New Business
  • Sample and demo products
  • Engage consumers
  • Conduct experiential and mobile marketing activations
  • Create excitement
  • Build and increase Brand awareness
  • Deliver a personalized and relevant live experience to targeted consumers
  • Reach more than 10,000 local, national and international
  • An opportunity to have an insert that will go out to every single person attending the show to ensure that your company and product or service doesn’t go unnoticed.

women making pedicure


The expo hall offers a wide range of companies, products demos, samples. Don’t miss out on opportunities to interact with both wellness professionals and enthusiasts who could benefit most from your products and services.


Don’t miss this opportunity to exhibit your products and services to thousands of ready-to-buy consumers featuring the very best products and services, including:

• Salon and Spa Services

• Skin Care and Cosmetics

• Healthy Living

• Business Opportunities

• Home Improvement

• Home Decor

• Electronics

• Housewares & Appliances

• Jewelry & Handbags

• Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

• Preventive Medicine

• Health & Nutritional Foods

• Fitness Training

• Food and Beverages

• Insurance

• Vacation and Travel Services

• Financial Planning

• Cooking Products

• Investments

• Health and Wellness

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